7:38 PM

We've Been Busy ....

Here at A and R Design Studio we have been really busy. Both Amie and I have been doing some custom orders. I made a set for 5 Valentine’s Day cards for my friend Keiko (Thanks Keiko). They were similar to this card HERE. I have also been designing a new logo and stamp for the backs of our items. It took much longer to create than I thought but we do really like it, and I hope everyone else does too.

Amie has been busy making 2 custom orders. One set of thank you cards which turned out great, but, unfortunately no pictures were taken. She got this custom orders for 20 flat notecards, stamped and embossed. She is also completing some great Twilight bookmarks. I think all of your twilight fans will love them. She also will have some great non twilight options for everyone else.

We are busy trying to add some new items to the store. Look for some new notecards from Amie along with the bookmarks. I should be adding some cards very soon. I am hoping to have an entire line of argyle (my favorite pattern) cards within the next few weeks. Also we are planning some great Mothers and Fathers Day.

Thanks for checking in with us, I will keep you updated as new items are added and we have more news to share with our fans. As always if any of you would like a custom item don't hesitate to ask we are always happy to make new items, especially for our friends and fans!

9:11 AM

Whats New at A and R Design Studio

Jut a mere month ago I said that I was hoping to update this blog more, and it seems that I'm not off to a good start. I will work to harder to keep you all updated on what is happening with the store.

I made a custom Christmas album, which took much more time than I thought it would, but it turned out great. Again I forgot to take pictures.

Right now I am working on two projects a custom order of some Valentines day cards for a co-worker and designing a stamp for the backs of all of our items. Both will be done this weekend! The stamp is proving to be more fun than I thought it would be.

Amie has been making some terrific bookmarks. (For you Twilight Fans she makes some great Twilight themed ones). They will be in the store soon, as soon as she unpacks from her recent move. We hope to have them in the store very soon and there will be a blog post about them!

Come back soon, I;m sure we will have some new and exciting items coming up!